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Creative Items from our hearts to yours!

Blue Goose Studios is a family business in the business of creating unique one of a kind works of art.

One of my greatest pleasures as an artist is to create an item that touches someone heart.  It is with great respect and gratitude that I have been entrusted to create memorial art glass items for clients who have lost a loved one.  Each memorial marble or pendant is handcrafted in our studio by Andrew Lazenby.  Because I feel it is important to keep you informed as I create your one of a kind memorial item, you will be notified when I start your piece and when I finish via email or text if you prefer.  If you wish I will also be glad to send you images of the final piece before it goes into the kiln for annealing.  The average turnaround time is approximately one week from when I receive the cremains until when I return your finished item to you.   Below I have listed some common questions in regard to the process, however if you have any I have not included I welcome you to contact me and I will do all I can to meet your needs..


Fumed vortex with swirl, 2.25 inches

Fumed vortex with swirl, 2.25 inches


Q. What are these made out of?                                                                                                                          

A. All of my work is made of Borosilicate glass.  Some designs require the utilization of precious metals to create some of the effects such as internal colors.


Q. What are the costs of a Memorial Glass Item?                                                                      

 A.  I do my best to keep the cost of this service reasonable.  The average memorial marble is $220 and $275.   This includes the marble and stand, a handmade cloth bag, a small handblown jar to contain any glass with cremains I have  remaining after the creation.  A modest deposit is required prior to start.  


Q.  How much cremains will you need to create an item?                                                                

    A. In all cases less than a teaspoon.   This process takes much less than one would think and any unused cremains will be returned to you.   


Q. What is the normal process?                                                                                                                  

     A.  The process always starts with a clean shop.  Its paramount to me to ensure that the cremains are both respected and protected throughout the  making of the art.   I will create stringers (thin glass rods) out of the cremains that I will use to add to the main item.   As I work, any glass that could potentially have any cremains in them are saved off to the side rather than discarded with the normal scrap glass.

After the creation of the marble or pendant, small bits of glass with cremains or stringers remaining will be enclosed in a small jar for return to you along with the remaining unused cremains.   If you would prefer that I keep the cremains for further projects, this can be arranged.

"Well marble" with swirl

"Well marble" with swirl

FAQ...   continued

Q.  How do I get the cremains to you  
There are two methods.  I will gladly send you a kit that includes a return envelope with postage, a small screw top container, and a  small scoop.  Just return the container with the cremains in the envelope.    The second method if you do not want to wait is to simply ship me a small amount.    A small zip top bag  or small container (film canister size) is ideal.  Double bag them and try to remove all air.  Write your name on the bag, slip it into a padded and envelope, and send it to:

Blue Goose Studios                                                                                                                                                                        1233 Cedarwood Lane                                                                                                                                                       Rock Hill, SC 29732 

If you choose the latter method, I will deduct $10 from the total cost of your item.

Q.  How long does this process take?                                                                                                                                              A.  Turn around is typically a week. If there is any reason this would be longer, I will let you know when you order.


Q. Do I have to be able to see the cremains in the piece?                                                                                                          A. Of course not.   We can discuss how prominent they will be and if you would just like to know they are in there, they can be 'hidden' deep in the marble or enclosed into a hollow pendant either as a a stringer or the actual cremains.  Items such as a lock of hair will be enclosed in this manner as it cannot withstand the heat.


Thanks again for taking the time to look at our work.  

Andrew and Mary Sanders Lazenby, Blue Goose Studios